Smart Forms for Wealth Management


Take the hassle out of wealth management for your clients and

automate & optimize workflow processes for yourself.


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Reach your clients on the devices they use every day.

Wealth management is increasingly something clients do on the go. And with smart forms, you can reach them how and when they want. Streamline the grunt work of wealth management, so your staff can focus on maximizing returns and your clients can focus on enjoying them.

  • Responsive smart forms look great on any device.
  • Auto-completing fields makes smart forms fast and easy to fill out.
  • Multiple outputs push your data wherever you need it to go, automatically.
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formhero studio for workflow process improvement


Digitize your workflows & processes in weeks, not years.

FormHero Studio lets you build your own smart forms to personalize, automate, and digitize any process or workflow. Convert paper or PDF forms into smart forms to go digital faster than ever. And with inherited styles and easy drag-and-drop tools, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get started.

  • Build workflows exactly how you want them, regardless of technical skill.
  • Dynamic forms make creating custom user journeys fast and efficient.
  • Reduce errors with plenty of pre-set data validation logic like SIN numbers and dates (or you can create your own).


We never persist your data, so there's nothing to hack.

We never hold the data we process for our clients, so you can rest easy knowing that there’s no possible security risk. Any data is immediately returned to your databases, ensuring absolute security and keeping you compliant with the latest data management regulations.

  • Data never leaves your secure system for bank-level security.
  • No stored database of your customer’s information, so there’s nothing to hack.
  • Guaranteed compliance with any data security requirements.
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Capture the data you need, and let robots do the rest.

Streamline how clients sign off on account changes or opt in to new products. With smart forms, you can build custom workflow processes that start with client approvals, engage clients halfway through, or are completed internally before being sent off for final client sign-off. Whatever your workflow needs, smart forms can help.

  • Dead simple API makes seamless integration a reality.
  • Build forms that deploy directly into your existing workflows.
  • Pre-fill forms with information you’ve already collected for a friction-free user and client experience.

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