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Optimize how you collect information &

automate how you process it with smart forms.


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Automate your claims process for your customers and for you.

Automate the claims process with smart forms. Pull information from your databases to drop customers deep into existing claims user journeys, saving them the time and frustration of entering information you already have. Make your claims processing faster, easier, and error-free with smart forms.

  • Dynamic forms only shows customers relevant questions.
  • Auto-completing fields make filling out applications easy.
  • Drive down internal costs and shift processes from internal to self-serve with automated workflows.
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data integration for insurance companies


Created branded experiences that build value.

Get your back-end systems talking to each other with smart forms. Query existing customer information to pre-fill new applications and make it easy for customers to add products to their insurance portfolio in just one click. Then, send that data off to be stored securely in your database – all automatically.

  • Dead simple API makes seamless integration a reality.
  • Build forms that deploy directly into your existing workflows.
  • Pre-fill forms with information you’ve already collected for a friction-free user experience.


Drive lifetime customer value.

Retain customers because they want to stay with you, not because they don't want to switch. Increase lifetime value with an insurtech product that makes insurance effortless for everyone. With smart forms, you can become the all-in-one insurer consumers are looking for.

  • Save and resume lets customers start applications now & finish them later.
  • eSignature integration turns any process digital in minutes.
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better omni channel experiences with smart forms


Create consistent experiences across any device.

Consistency is the key to building a valuable insurance brand. Don’t let the advertising efforts you’ve put into building yours go to waste by having outdated systems. Smart forms turn any process into a slick, branded experience, fully customized to match your look and feel.

  • Style smart forms to mirror existing brand guidelines with CSS/SCSS.
  • Save smart form templates so every form matches your brand guidelines automatically.
  • Responsive smart forms look great on any device.


Keep regulators happy for less.

Insurtech reduces the time (and energy) you put into being compliant with a digital audit trail that’s automatically generated. Track changes through your organization and build in complex business logic to create workflows that tick all the boxes with smart forms.

  • Centralized smart form control keeps your processes up to date.
  • Smart forms don’t persist data, so there’s no risk of a security breech.
  • Build stakeholder approvals automatically into your workflows.
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