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Aug 04

The Challenge of Digital Transformation for Big Banks (and what they can do about it)

By Spencer Grover | digital transformation

Big banks face two major challenges today when it comes to offering customers the experience they want: New FinTech disruptors offering traditional banking services at cut-throat prices and fuelling the commoditization of banking services Aging legacy systems that are incapable of offering the Facebook-like ease and functionality consumers expect. Of course, financial institutions have made […]

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Mar 17

Why Does Everyone Hate Paperwork?

By Art Harrison | Paperwork

Everyone hates paperwork. That’s certainly not a secret. But what might be surprising is that long ago before paperwork automation solutions or even the Internet, people actually liked paperwork.As hard as that is to believe now, the fact is that paperwork used to be at the forefront of a great customer experience.Just a few decades […]

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Apr 17

Next Big Idea in FinTech

By Art Harrison | News

Great News! FormHero has been selected to participate in the first ever Next Big Idea in FinTech program.The Next Big Idea in FinTech program was designed to fuel the growth and success of startups that are developing products and solutions for the financial industry – something we’re obviously doing here at FormHero.As part of the […]

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