Smart Forms 
for Smarter Companies

Turn your internal processes into smart forms your customers and back-office will love.

With FormHero's Smart Form Automation, Your Customers Come In And Your Existing Paperwork Goes Out

Smart Forms Increase Conversions

Built for Conversions

Going digital is more than just offering fillable PDFs or recreating your paperwork as forms. Transform your existing processes into beautiful, dynamic forms that minimize user effort and maximize conversions.

Smart Form Automation

Back-office Ready

Get started without changing your back-office workflow. Whether you need to automatically generate your existing paperwork, save information to a database, or submit to an internal API, we've got you covered. 

Secure Smart Forms

Industry Leading Security

Just because your customers live online doesn't mean your data has to. With FormHero your data isn't stored on our servers or in the cloud.  We understand the importance of information security and make sure your data is always safe.

Business Process Automation Meets Customer Experience With  Beautiful, Dynamic & Responsive Smart Forms

Smart Form Responsive

Made for both customers and employees

It's no secret that everyone hates paperwork, but that wasn't always the case. Paperwork used to be at the forefront of a great customer experience, but as organizations looked for ways to streamline and automate processes, customers were left to complete paperwork themselves.

Our beautiful smart forms bring your paperwork to life while shielding your customers and employees from the complexities of your internal workflows and documentation.

Dynamic questioning and unique customer journeys ensure each user only sees questions that are relevant to them.

The end result: Higher conversions, happier customers, and reduced errors without the need to disrupt your back-office processes.

Start Building Your Smart Forms Today

Dynamic Forms


Going digital is more than just offering fillable PDFs or recreating your paperwork as forms. 

Secure Forms


With FormHero there's no need to change your back-office workflow. 

Customize Forms


Create forms that fully embrace your customer journeys, internal workflows, and corporate brand-guidelines.

Embed Forms


Embed on your website, send links to customers, or initiate via internal processes.

Automate Paperwork

Your Paperwork

Don't change your process for us. We can generate the same paper or PDF forms you use today.

Digital Paperwork

Go Digital

Ready to move beyond paperwork? Integrate your forms directly into your database or API.

Let us help

Our team of experts will assess your requirements and make concrete recommendations on how and where to start.

When you're ready to begin, we'll work with your team to map your existing processes and custom workflow rules into a ​fully customized set of forms.

ROI Your Entire Team Can Get Behind

By replacing how you collect information, produce paperwork and populate internal systems, you'll immediately see a decrease in form rejections and an increase in conversions.

300 %
More conversions
72 %
Reduction in errors
51 %
Less time on form

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